Chapter 4. S2Aop.Ruby Reference

Table of Contents

4.1. The outline of S2Aop
4.1.1. The Concept of AOP
4.2. Notes on S2Aop
4.3. Aspect using S2AopFactory
4.4. Aspect using S2ApplicationContext
4.5. Interceptor prepared in S2Aop
4.5.1. TraceInterceptor
4.5.2. Implementing Interceptor
4.6. MethodInvocation API Reference

4.1. The outline of S2Aop

AOP, Aspect Oriented Programming, it is a technique which extracts the common logic distributed in two or more classes, and is woven in from the outside of a class.

4.1.1. The Concept of AOP


Advice expresses the code inserted into a program. Advice may be called Interceptor.


Joinpoint expresses the point which combines target class and Advice. Advice can acquire the information on an argument or a method from Joinpoint.


Pointcut defines where Joinpoint is set up.


Aspect associates Advice and Pointcut.

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